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Amazon Manual

ASIN (B016UI8P84) Manuals (revised Dec04, 2017)

Manual links info for Amazon ASIN (B016UI8P84) revised Dec 04, 2017


New PCIe PCI LPC Complete Desktop Laptop Computer Motherboard Diagnostic Analyzer POST Power Repair Troubleshooting Test Pro Kit


This ASIN B016UI8P84 new computer diagnostic kit comes with tester units and the accessory cables.

You may want to save the following PDF manuals (total 5 PDF files plus 1 video instruction) to your computer.


Manuals download instructions:

1. No Sign in needed.

2. After clicking on each of the following 5 links, we will see the Amazon Drive download page.

3. From the Amazon download page, please click on the file name.

4. Then, please click on the "Download" to start the download.

    Please click on OK to save the manual to computer.


Here is the Step by Step Easy Startup Guide summarizing what to do with the following 3 links.
Please click here to visit the Easy Guide download page on Amazon Drive.

Here is the user manual for the master new PCIe diagnostic kit w/Tcardv6.0:
Please click here to visit the Master PCIe Diagnostic Test Card manual download page on Amazon Drive

Here is the user manual Bios codes list for the Laptop miniPCI / miniPCIe / LPC diagnostic card (LC2A):
(Please take note this Bios codes list applies to all the motherboard diagnostic test cards in this kit.)
Please click here to visit the LC2A manual download page on Amazon Drive

Here is the 4digit Qiguan Diagnosis Manual:
Please click here to visit the 4digit Qiguan diagnosis codes manual download page on Amazon Drive
(Please see more details in this Qiguan diagnosis manual especially when the Bios code showing ‘no’ or 'no-C')

The switch buttons on the test cards are for us to look back to the previous set of the codes.

The extension cables, please kindly see each of these manuals for how to use each of them.


Multifunctional PSU tester is the same as the one shown in the following link except that the Black edition PSU tester you have comes with extra feature and is capable of testing the laptop AC power adapters using the DC jacks:

Please click here to visit the LCD PSU Tester manual download page on Amazon Drive

Please take note that when testing the PSUs, ALL LEDs must be ON except the "-5v" could remain OFF on the PSU tester to indicate a working PSU.


The corded antistatic strap should be wear on either left or right wrist, the other end of the “crocodile jaws” should catch to the grounding source.


The video instruction for the master new PCIe diagnostic kit w/Tcardv6.0
Please click here to see the video instructions
(This is the video for the quick start, please do not miss the other details described in the above user guide as well)

Hope this manual links info helped.

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