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Dear customers,

           In order to cope with market demands Qiguan Electronics is moving its production line to Shenzhen. Our new address and contact numbers are listed below for your convenience.

           ADDRESS: No.4 Zhong Yuan Rd, Long Gang District, Luo gang village, Bu ji Town, Shenzhen city,   Guang dong Province, China
Tel: +8675561285959   Fax: +8675561285959   Website: www.qiguaninc.com

           We would like to inform everyone to be careful of counterfeiter. Recently we have received numerous reports about fake companies pretending to be from our office. To make sure that you are doing business with the real company, we encourage you to call our office for inquiry immediately.

          Meanwhile, we advise all our customers to be careful when making payment. Only sent your payment to the below account details. 

          Qiguan Electronics official Paypal account: qiguaninc@gmail.com
          Only buy the original Qiguan Electronics products, fake products will bring more harm to your business than the small amount u will save.
          If unsure, do not hesitate to give our office a call or write us an email to qiguaninc@gmail.com.
          Our office is always ready to answer your enquiries.  


                                                                                                                                                                                    Thank you.

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