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Thank you for your selecting PC Analzyer of Hua tong company. Our company 
promise seriously:
1. Term of warranty: All our product is in three-year warranty. (We can exchange our product with defect to new one for you in the first year 
withour charging. We can repair our product with defect for you in the last two years without charging.) 
.Certification of warranty: your effective invoice and the product
3. All product is in four-year warranty for franchiser.
4. If you cann't do the warranty where you buy the product. you can contact our company directly to do the warranty.(not including the freight and the other fee.)
5. Qualifying clause:
     If it is in the conditions as follows, Our company will only receive the cost fee to help you repair PC Analyzer. If the card may 
be not repaired, We cann't answer any responsbility.
Ⅰ .It is out of warranty's term.
Ⅱ .It is damged by abnormal reason.(Its component is damaged or there is trouble caused in the course of bad power environment 、transportation 、moving 、knocking and so on.)
Ⅲ .force majeure: There is trouble with PC Analyzer caused by force majeure factor such as natural disaster (for exaple: earthquake、fire and so on) and accident.
Ⅳ .There is some trouble caused by unprofessional operation such as disassembly and repair by yourself and so on.
6.this clause is limited to the product of our company and the warranty 
of our product.
* our Hua tong Electronics company own the power of amendment and ultimate 
construction of this clause.


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