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Qiguan new generation PC/laptop analyzer frequently asked questions. (if any content different shall be determined by the terms of new version)


1. How to distinguish between old PC analyzer and new one? Is it supposed to be called new version only because the appearance changes?

Answer: Most of the new PC/laptop analyzer only uses the 1 big piece of IC. It would shows “no” when power is on and CPU inactive. The old edition of PC analyzer can only display the POST code which intermingled with initial code according to BIOS. And the initial code always exaggerated so that misguide the people especially when blank screen. The new PC analyzer avoids the initial code and always keeps an eye on CPU from when power on to power off. Report system halted on time. So it means:

a.If no response to keyboard and mouse, but from the test result of the PC/laptop analyzer shows that CPU still working. Consideration should be focused on software’s problem. If the result shows that CPU doesn’t work anymore just check the hardware. So it’s very convenient to let you know what’s the problem is.

b. It helps the computer seller buy the large stocks of “non - system halt” computer and sell them at a good price. Also help the buyer avoid buying inferior computer.

c. Improve the ability to protect the life of air force when they use the qualified equipment which include the “non – system” computer that can be distinguished by our PC/laptop.

d. Unlike the functional limit of old PC/laptop analyzer, the new version got much morespace on the design of extended function.


2. What is initial code? How is it generated?

Answer: when power up, the Nixie light shows a code automatically, it is not the code after BIOScheck. So it means nothing, that’s why called initial code. The new PC/laptop analyzer card comb-out this kind of initial code which affected diagnoses function seriously.


3. Does the old version of PC/laptop analyzer card which shows begin with the initial code affect the diagnoses of computer so seriously?

Answer: because the old PC/laptop analyzer shows the malfunction extent and content according to code value, but the initial code doesn’t mean anything. Because it’s code value is equal to the malfunction code, and random variation. When power up to the old PC/laptop analyzer, you must to discern that whether it’s the stopped code that after other changing code. If it is that’s malfunction code. If it’s not that means initial code which can not be the diagnose clew. Meanwhile the code changed rapidly, about changed one code in 1/1000000000 second. That’s not the human can distinguish by their eyes. So this time they can only treat it as a malfunction code. But if the problem still can not be solved they would think maybe it is initial code. So that’s why always get misguiding.


4. Does the old PC/laptop analyzer which still exist initial code can diagnose the malfunction at a 50% accuracy rate? Since if it can why it still popular in global world for so many years?

Answer: Due to old version of the PC/laptop analyzer can only display the BIOS malfunction code, no other function, it is convenient for repairing computer only. At the same time most of the tested mainboard can not work properly, as well as the compatible problem, such as ECS SIS671 mainboard which the code is stuck and make you can hardly tell whether is the mainboard broken or isn’t compatible. All in one just get people much more confused. Later we made the RUN light on PI49Q series card. The point is once the light is on it means the mainboard run. The PI0049F has no wire jumper which helps stop the initial code automatically. This problem is still in progress to be improved. But till now still not so idealistic. The accuracy rate is still not that so high still. In order to develop the favourable creative ability we’ve got so that we earn a small amount of reasonable profit and benefits others constantly. We used to add 7 encryptions beside the absolutely encryption on the technology of old 4-bit PI0050 analyzer card, until the LPT 4-bit L50 card released, we made some careless mistakes to breach of confidence, and then TENG PENG copy our products and professed as like their copy is produced under corporation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences. And it is said as like”TENG PENG from Chinese Academy of Sciences”. And then the market broke in a copy of our products, just got different color from ours.

There is someone who found a 2-bit PC analyzer without RUN light (only 4 lights in all, obviously copy one. But from their way of copy absolutely shows that they even have no any idea about how it works). They also put some ridiculous English and Chinese label which written with “we are the only one in world who invent RUN light on the analyzer”. So all those


Phenomena is capable enough to indicate that there are too much more copiers exist than the real inventor who is willing to invest both their money and idea and sacrifice their energy. If it kept like these we believe it would slow down the upgrading velocity.


5. Does the old PC/laptop analyzer depend entirely on BIOS?

Answer: Yes. If the tested computer system halted or the analyzer doesn’t match the mainboard, or the POST code from BIOS didn’t be sent to the master slot where PC/laptop analyzer plugged, or reset electrocircuit broken. Only when those happens the old version testing card not only couldn’t help but show u the initial code which can misguides you and make the problem bigger and further.


6. What we should call the old version of the PC analyzer?

Answer: actually we can call it BIOS POST CODE CARD. Because it only has this function


7. why the old PC analyzer doesn’t do anything except waste electricity and increase the heat aftershows the BIOS POST code.

Answer: on account of the old PC analyzer can not test or monitor the tested computer by itself, so when the computer is operating the analyzer can do nothing.


8. Is the new version of PC/laptop analyzer can helps u avoids buying computer which always got system halted easily? How about old one?

Answer: when CPU is working in protection against over-temperature, and hardware’s poor contact or mainframe-box power is unstable, so that make computer kept system halted and reboot and again, if without helps of new PC/laptop analyzer you can hardly distinguish those reasons which make computer stuck.


9. Which group of customers will buy the new version of PC/laptop analyzer? Does the old one will be in producing progress?

Answer: because all computers are compatible with it. It even woks much better in more important case. The price of the cheapest one in new series analyzer is kind of similar to the old PC analyzer’s price. At same time new version put an end to initial code and compatible with all computers. We would never produce the old version of PC/laptop analyzer cards anymore, but we are not sure about whether there still got someone who Professed that they are the only one in world who invent RUN light on the analyzer, just make sure it and distinguish it carefully.


10. Does some excellent mainboard which include old version of PC analyzer already still need the new PC analyzer? Why most of the mainboard has no PC analyzer card on it

Answer: blow these conditions need the new PC analyzer cards.

  1. When the pc analyzer on mainboard is not as good as the new version test card.
  2. If you doubt that the pc analyzer exist on mainboard doesn’t work or unreliable, there must be some other analyzer cards in the repairing office, so the workers there will just use it and repair the mainboard, after that nobody would notice or even care about what’s wrong with the pc test card which exist on mainboard.so what they usually do is just give it back to customers, so that time maybe u need a new analyzer card.
  3. When both the pc analyzer card exist on mainboard and mainboard broken at the same time(because the card is on the mainboard already from beginning. so probably they would broken together if there is high voltage). Here is the reason why most of mainboard has no PC analyzer on it:

I. Consumers would know that PC analyzer is not for free even u buy computer.

II. The PC analyzer card is no use at all after the screen is light on, it can only waste

the electricity and increase heat.

III. Due to the pc analyzer cards exist on mainboard the possibility of trouble will get


IV. Hardware gets more and more since the pc analyzer cards exist on mainboard, but you can not separate and unplug it. So it happen the additional cost of repairing and difficulty.

V. Consumers may think like the pc analyzer card exist on mainboard is so simple because it

is used for checking the mainboard when they out of factory. Actually it’s not like that.

VI. There is another misunderstanding if with such a PC analyzer card on mainboad. They may think the mainboard is not good enough and easy to broken that’s why.


11. What’s mean by showing “no”?

Answer: “no” means CPU is inactive, the same meaning as there is no CPU on mainboard.


12. When will it show “no”?

Answer: refer to the form below


If display “no”just do it like that below




Cause of troubles



At the moment when power up

CPU didn’t ready for work

It’s normal


Time of reset

CPU wont run during reset

It’s normal


CPU enter the protection mode when over temperature

A、CPU fan not powerful enough or didn’t set up well.

Change a powerful fan and fix it steady with CPU.

B、when cooling fan silica gel is not enough or quality not good enough

Gelatinize more silica gel

C、the CPU fan is dirty

Clean it

D、CPU was burnished.(CPU over clock)

Revert CPU frequency

E、The CPU cannot perform well under heavy strain from over usage

use universal meter test each chip pin of CPU


Switch power not connected well

CPU can not run command properly

Change or repair the power source


When using it under high temperature or solarization

A、CPU is under protection of over temperature

make the fan bigger, or if it is allowed, open the mainframe-box and let the cool wind in.

B、the power source was heated and voltage unstable to make CPU stop working

Clean the mainframe-box power fan. Make the fan bigger. Unplug the card, hard disk and CD-room that no in usage temporally. Or change a more powerful mainframe-box power source.

C、other some single part hardware became unmoral after heated and make CPU can not work

Check out the part that can not bear the high temperature and change it. (Notice not to touch by hands, in case of hurt.)

D、high temperature make both CPU and power source can not work

Try to reduce CPU frequency, or change bigger power. Unplug components that not used and exit software that not used also.

E、high temperature. Most of parts can not work properly.

Keep bigger distance between computer and heat source. Add something to prevent the heat. Make sure the heat not go into the direction of computer. Use powerful fan or air conditional. Arrange right time such as night, cloudy day or rainy day to run it. Try reducing CPU frequency and changing other more powerful power. Unplug components that not used and exit software that not used also.


Where under dank environment over humidity

Over humidity, electrcircuit outside CPU is affected that CPU can not perform under heavy strain from over usage.

If it’s possible open the mainframe-box and let the hot wind in, but adjust the temperature that not only can dehumidify the CPU and also can control the temperature raising of computer.(when turn the temperature to the lowest it shows “no”, visa versa. Then turn the temperature to the middle position is ok. Make sure the show time of “no” should be as short as possible during adjusting.


Under oscillatory environment

Hardware inside computer can not be connected well due to oscillatory .so that CPU can not work.

Check all components inside computer change the valve and add more nut. and make sure it fixed steady. Add spring base to compute. Or leather base to shock absorption. But be sure that don’t put too much cotton stuff which used for shock absorption because it’s not good for heat elimination.


When testing the normal computer

A、the mainboard is not compatible.

Report it to us

B、PC analyzer broken

Return it to us for reparation



A、slot pins is dirty

Clean it with eraser, keep plug and unplug it for times to sharpen the connecting side of pins

B、plug in wrong slot

Distinguish ISA and PCI slot carefully

C、plug in wrong side

Correct it, and make sure it should face to power source.

D、no code available

Unplug it and do it opposite side again. Read the users’ guide





13. Is that exaggeration that the first generation of PC analyzer can test mainboard with butalmost 100% accuracy? Why there still got BUT?

Answer: the accuracy is mainly depending on initial code and compatibility. Due to the new version of PC/laptop analyzer put an end to initial code, can almost compatible with all kinds of computer. That’s why.

According to principle, it’s no problem for new pc analyzer to reach the 100% testing accuracy. But considering that there are plenty kinds of mainboard in the world. It’s some kind of limit for us to test each kind. So we can only be sincerely say like that almost 100%.


14. Why the new PC/laptop analyzer is supposed to be called the real POST CARD?

Answer: it can diagnose the computer automatically; also it always can keep an eye on CPU.Not like the old test card became useless after the operating system running.


15. Why the new PC/laptop analyzer doesn’t need depend on BIOS? What’s the point of that one?

Answer: the new PC/laptop analyzer card used a new idea. (The china invention patent num: 03126857.9), it’s not need depend on BIOS. And the points are:

  1. even when BIOS corrupted it still works
  2. when BIOS POST code didn’t be sent to plugged slot it works also
  3. It wont be affected by content, way, details, times of self-check.



16. Is it true that the compatibility is infrequent in history? How to prove it?

Answer: you can plug them one bye one on the same mainboard which most compatible (such as ECS SIS671 or Intel 9xx series), then you will know the result at once.


17. Why new PC/laptop analyzer card shows more code than the old one did?

Answer: because of the new circuit structure is more creative that has no such code leak as old one.


18. Why there is only RESET light but got lots of lights on old version of testing card?

Answer: because once the system begin running the light turns to useless at all. Sometimes users will unplug the card and then redo it when there is a problem occurred. So the time in usage is very short, the light only can make eyes painful. But the new version testing card can always keep an eye on CPU, also the computer won’t power off so fast during people using it. So it can only interrupt users if there are too much light. Only an RESET light will last for only half second when computer booting, so that much more better and convenient


19. Why there is no RUN light on new version of testing card?

Answer: RUN light is only an assistant when we researching the solution of initial code, so that means it is only a way of distinguishing the initial code. And the first generation of PC analyzer card has already put an end to initial code, so no that RUN light is useless anyway.

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